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destacarse. Spring Summer 2018 (COMING SOON)!

destacarse. is currently working on two new Spring Summer 2018 collections. “Travieso” the Menswear collection, and “Hospital Flowers” the Womenswear collection……

Men’s Spring Summer 2018

This season destacarse. roams the local streets of East Los Angeles to draw inspiration from the history of Mexican American youth, the complex Chicano lifestyle, the beauty of street culture, and community. With skill, the collection balances modern and traditional roots of the Zoot Suit Riots. The collection presents baggy pleated high waisted trousers inspired by “Zoot Suiters”. Pieces like oversized knit shirts and luxurious gaberdine button up shirts are printed with poetry quotes, written inspired by the community and originally taken from notebooks of the designer himself. Cultural details, like extinguished matches, cigarettes, and Mexican currency is displayed behind clear plastic sewn onto selected garments such as bomber jackets made of lightweight wools and the new “Slit Jackets”. Pieces are also hand embellished with buttons that create images of elotes, Nopales, and cigarettes. Remember to leave a scar when wearing destacarse.


Women’s Spring Summer 2018
“Hospital Flowers”

This season destacarse. is drawn to female fragility, sophistication, and the arising mental health epidemic among women – Anxiety. The collection blossoms with sweet chiffons detailed with raw edges that ruffle naturally. Other details include halter tops, bustiers both sturdy and soft represent vulnerability throughout the line. Flowers and roots become a motif throughout the collection and the color story stays black, white, and prince of wales check. Remember to leave a scar when wearing destacarse.